Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is available to senior leaders to help them maximize their personal and professional potential. Our coaches partner with clients to help them think through decision-making, implement cultural or company-wide changes, and enhance their individual leadership skills.

Organizational Consulting

Given the constant pressure of tight deadlines, competitive markets, and increasing customer demands, many organizations find it difficult to create a healthy, productive work environment in which employees deliver peak performance and high-quality results.

Leadership Training & Development

Talent Management is a key element of business success. We offer consulting on talent management and a variety of leadership programs customized to the needs of the group. These programs can range from one-hour “lunch-and-learn” sessions to full-day, off-site retreats.
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The bamboo possesses great strength and flexibility and thrives in a variety of climates. Though tall and thin, it bends without breaking and is resilient enough to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. In ancient Asian culture, bamboo symbolized the path to enlightenment, with the rings on its stem representing the steps along that journey. Planted in front of a home, it was thought to bring good fortune and well-being to the family within it. So, too, we wish these same qualities — strength, flexibility, resiliency, and enlightenment — in both mind and body for all of our clients.