Our Services

Executive Coaching  

There are times in an individual’s career or during a critical point in one’s life when a coach can be valuable in helping to make needed changes. Whether it’s trying to find balance in one’s busy life, manage a difficult group of employees, build stronger interpersonal relationships, or make lifestyle changes for better health, a coach can help overcome resistance and enable a person to adopt new behaviors. Coaches can also help the individual sustain these changes so that they are consistently integrated into one’s daily routine.

Executive coaching is available to senior leaders to help them maximize their personal and professional potential. Our coaches partner with clients to help them think through decision-making, implement cultural or company-wide changes, and enhance their individual leadership skills. Scores of major companies make coaching a core part of their executive and leadership development practices. They have found that the one-on-one interaction with a skilled coach can offer a new focus and perspective for leaders and, with greater awareness and insight, they can achieve their goals.

Organizational Consulting  

Given the constant pressure of tight deadlines, competitive markets, and increasing customer demands, many organizations find it difficult to create a healthy, productive work environment in which employees deliver peak performance and high-quality results. With a wealth of experience in public, private, non-profit, and for-profit organizations, the Wellness Consulting Group can provide advice and counsel to executives on how to create a more highly-engaged workforce that is aligned with the company’s mission and strategy and is able to achieve the necessary business results both efficiently and effectively.

Leadership sets the tone for the organization’s culture and effective management is key to producing a high-performing workplace.The Wellness Consulting Group can provide an external perspective for an organization, help diagnose problems, offer solutions to those problems, assist with implementation and evaluation of change initiatives, and enable employees to make continuous improvements moving forward.

Whether you’re planning for a company-wide initiative, a team building for a newly-formed group, a proposed reorganization, or re-engineering an internal business process, call the Wellness Consulting Group to see how we can help.

Leadership Training and Development  

Talent Management–having the right leaders in the right places at the right time–is a key element of business success. Organizations that excel at developing leaders can create a strong pipeline of talent and are better able to sustain and grow their business over time.

Leadership skills can be learned by providing a variety of professional experiences, mentoring and coaching, and training opportunities. Adults learn best when the subject matter is relevant, the trainer is knowledgeable and engaging, and the learning can be directly applied to real-life issues.

The Wellness Consulting Group offers consulting on talent management and a variety of leadership programs customized to the needs of the group. These programs can range from one-hour “lunch-and-learn” sessions to full-day, off-site retreats.